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We have three options for having Kustom Paint done.
You can purchase Kustom Parts or have your existing stock parts shipped to be Kustom Painted.  You can purchase Kustom Parts and Paint from our gallery that is available and ready to be shipped.  You can order or have us order your parts through Direct Parts Inc. via the Internet.
For design layout I will need to contacted for time schedule, price estimate and to hear your ideas of what you would like on your bike. Then, if needed, you will have to send three sketches, pictures or magazine clippings of things you would like. In many of the designs I combine different subjects such as scallops and flames, flags and grafix, Grafix and murals, 3D Grafix and Flames. After receiving your ideas I will do three renderings of what I think will work best and that you would like created. Upon completion of your designs you will be required to send a deposit of $500.00 before the designs will be sent to you. After receiving your deposit you will be contacted to review your designs and discuss price, parts and start time. If we are able to order your parts we will need a deposit $1000.00 to secure your parts. For extensive Kustom Paint jobs a 50% deposit is required before shipping balance due upon delivery. All outstanding balances due upon delivery. Paint projects range from 6 to 8 weeks for completion. All work is guaranteed for 1 year from delivery date unless otherwise specified.
My Philosophy:
The most common problem that I have heard is you have one person do the design work, another do the paint, and somewhere down the line it did not come out the way you had expected. At Rocky's Pure Kustom I am the artist and the painter,
As you can see from my web site my work ranges from nice N clean to very extreme. So far my designs have been originals. With an endless supply of imagination, color and design. Why copy?
I have one rule, same state, same city, not the same paint. But there is an exception, a flame is a flame, a flag is a flag. There is only so much you can do.
It's when you combine different things that you get something special. There's nothing like riding down the road thinking I got one bad bike and then coming to a stop sign looking over and seeing one just like yours. Bummer!! Thanks for taking the time to read my philosophy.
Rockys Pure Kustom
Mesa, Az.
Phone (480) 924 - 6866
For the fastest reply please call.