1. The Black Ops Pro Holster, A true dual use holster. The only all leather adjustable holster. It can be carried IWB & OWB. It has 12 adjustments points which gives the user many adjustable positions for IWB. It has 2 belt slots in the holster for OWB. But I have been told that many customers use the belt loops for OWB carry to have the adjustability for OWB carry. They use the holster outside the pants and inside the belt.

2. Double stitched tight tolerances against the firearm sides for extra strength.

3. Encircled stitching around the belt loops for extra strength, and long life from delaminating.

4. Sweat shields on every holster for easy holstering and protection  for your body from sharp edges.

5. Tight molding on both sides of our holsters for extra strength and long retention life.

6. Pre curved to conform to the body, That adds to comfort and conceal ability. Also adds to the fitment and retention to the firearm. Without causing excessive stress on the leather during normal holster break in.

7. Extreme stiffing process that adds to the retention of our holsters and allows us to market our holsters without a mouth reinforcement.

8. Sealing process that makes our holsters extremely water resistant. And our  process also has a memory to add to the retention life of our holsters.

9. We only use the best products from Fiebing and Hermann Oak Leather.

10. Limited lifetime warranty
10 reasons why my holsters are the best!