New product: "The Option" My holsters are already one of the best in the industy for concealment holsters, but this product just makes it even better.  By turning the butt of the gun in towards the body. And by doing so gives you more room from the belt line. For a deeper carry if you choose so. I used a normal T-shirt for the demo pictures and a 5" 1911 with optics and a Magwell. Not your normal EDC.
"The Option" 2 1/4 leather spacers and hardware. 40.00 plus shipping.
My normal holster with quick clips.
My holster with 1 spacer.
My holster with 2 spacers.
                                  BY PURE KUSTOM
Pure Kustom "Mini" Magazine Pouch. It's OWB and stackable side by side. 75.00+ 9.00 priority mail shipping.
Pure Kustom "Snap-Mini" Magazine Pouch. It's  a snap on OWB and stackable side by side.  And it has a rail system to keep it tight against your belt. 150.00+ 9.00 priority mail shipping.
My new Holographic holsters.
These are the different patterns I have in Holographic leather.